Anywhere But Here.

Today, Donald Trump heads to the NRSC to meet with Congressional Republicans, but don’t expect to see vulnerable GOP Senators anywhere near the meeting. Senators like Kelly Ayotte, Pat Toomey, and Rob Portman have spent months desperately dodging Trump, so we’re sure they’ve prepared some excuses for why they’ll be missing the meeting. But just in case they’ve been too busy obstructing President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, using the Zika crisis to advance their anti-women’s health agenda, and blocking commonsense gun safety legislation to come up with excuses, the DSCC decided to suggest our own:

Possible reasons GOP Senators can’t meet with Trump:

  • Kelly Ayotte can’t meet with Trump; she’s too busy trying to erase her connections to Bridgepoint Education, a Trump University-esque for-profit college that is currently under investigation.

- Rob Portman doesn’t need to meet with Donald Trump; he’ll have plenty of time to speak with Trump about their shared policy positions while in Cleveland for the convention.

- Roy Blunt will probably be too busy fundraising to attend the meeting, just like he was during the crucial final round of Zika negotiations.

- Richard Burr would gladly meet with Trump, but he may be focused on getting through the vetting process for becoming Trump’s Vice Presidential nominee.

- Pat Toomey can’t make the speech because he’ll be stuck in the elevator he’s been spending so much time in. At least he’ll have some time to figure out a way to explain his ties to for-profit Yorktown University, which taught a course cautioning against the “dangers” of women’s studies programs.

- Marco Rubio already has his excuse ready to go — he’ll be presiding over the Senate at the same time. Presiding over the Senate is usually reserved for freshmen senators, but since Rubio’s so rarely in the Senate, we understand if he’s making up for lost time.

- John McCain doesn’t have time to attend the Trump meeting because he’s running for reelection. As he admitted to Politico, “All I focus on is my election.”

- No excuse needed for Chuck Grassley! Grassley has repeatedly expressed his confidence in Trump’s presidency and the type of people Trump would nominate to the Supreme Court.

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