Twitter DM’s Streamlines Customer Service

To say I’m a little bit of high maintenance on business travel might be an understatement. A few years back I was Tweeting from my hotel bed that the Hyatt I was staying in had paper thin walls, which prompted a message from this billion dollar hotel brand to ask me to follow them so they could take the conversation offline and Direct Message me.

A similar situation happened this past January, when to my dissatisfaction with my car rental was not handled via phone. I took to Twitter. As a Hertz Gold Member, they Hertz, once I finally took it to social media responded to my problem swiftly. However in order for them to resolve my issue they too asked for a follow and aDM.

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Most brands do this as a way to handle customer service on Twitter. You’ve got a disgruntled customer complaining about your brand and it’s a legit complaint. Customer service or consumer affairs pick up on the conversation and look to take it offline immediately and try to remedy the complaint immediately.

However the challenge until recent was, in order to handle a customer support issue on Twitter in a private fashion, brands needed the individual to follow them. Which always would prompt a request to follow.

One additional message, one more opportunity to not get to the end goal quicker. Each moment the agent has to spend handling a customer service complaint, each additional message, open ended items are figure into the cost. Ultimately taking several messages to close the loop with the customer.

Now that brands have the ability to respond back to customers via DM and they don’t need to follow one another. It’s going to position companies to deliver better more streamlined customer service, without the need to have unnecessary messages about following.

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