Originally published January 22, 2014

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For the vast majority of startups, the path to success is not a linear one. Nearly all founders face that moment where their company’s continued existence comes into question. I joined my first startup, Wily Technology, in 1999 right around that moment. Lew Cirne (also the founder of New Relic) hired me to help build a new product to take the company in a different direction. Few people know or remember that the company I founded, Flurry, began by offering a consumer-focused email client for feature phones (remember those?). After a dramatic change in direction…

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American employers face a critical talent shortage. There are more than 7 million technical jobs in the US, with expected job growth of more than 24 percent by 2026. Yet many of these high-paying jobs will remain unfilled because there simply aren’t enough highly skilled professionals available to meet the demand. From the automotive sector to banking, agriculture, retail, healthcare, and transportation and logistics, just about every type of business today is a technology business.

Meanwhile, our country is in the midst of a student loan crisis. The average price for a college education has mushroomed almost 400 percent over…

Trinity is proud to continue investing in Bulletproof. Today’s Series C makes Bulletproof one of the largest investments in our firm’s history.

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Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Founder & CEO — Photo courtesy of Bulletproof

My journey to Bulletproof began when I was just eight years old, facing a disorder that would give me sky-high cholesterol levels and chronic fatigue for most of my young adult life. Since meeting Dave Asprey over a decade ago when he was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Trinity Ventures, I can honestly say that my life has dramatically changed for the better.

Today’s Series C capital infusion will help the company continue its impressive growth trajectory so…

Trinity is excited to announce our investment in Weights & Biases, the latest AI venture of a trusted and proven founder team that we’ve been working with for years.

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Lukas Biewald and I first met over a decade ago. I was just beginning my career as a VC. He was a first-time founder and CEO. I was one of the first investors he ever worked with and his first-ever lead investor, just as he was one of the first founders I ever backed.

Over ten years, a marriage (Lukas’), and a baby (mine), we literally grew up together in the…

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It was August of 2012, back in Docker’s early days, and the company’s founder and CEO, Solomon Hykes, was leading the business through a critical and ultimately extremely successful strategic pivot. As part of that effort, Solomon asked me, as a Docker board member, to help him convince his former classmate from France, Julien Barbier, to move to San Francisco to join the nascent company. It was a hard sell, but we successfully recruited Julien, and he turned out to be an exceptional addition to the company.

Although I didn’t interact with Julien all that much during his time at…

Funding a school is not a familiar venture for us, but investing in talented entrepreneurs? We know all about that.

It seems everyone wants to be a software engineer these days, thanks to a demand for quality programmers in nearly every industry. The need has spurred a wave of “learn quick” coding programs and bootcamps, and business is booming.

While we at Trinity Ventures recognized how important this transition is for the tech industry, we never considered investing in a software engineering school ourselves. Until we heard from Julien Barbier. …

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As Gus mentioned, many of us at Trinity are interested in health and personal improvement. And like that one Crossfit adherent we all know, later-in-life converts to anything tend to be the most rabid evangelists. That could have been my story. I could have discovered Bulletproof out of a sudden mid-life desire to run ultra-marathons or thrive on less than 5 hours of sleep a night or learn a new skill with the pliable mind of a much younger man. But for me the journey to becoming a Bulletproof supporter and investor began when I was 8 years old.


Only 7 months ago I posted the below in celebration of Docker’s Series C investment from Bill Coughran at Sequoia Capital. Today the company is announcing an unprecedented $95m Series D from Insight Venture Partners as well as Coatue, Goldman Sachs and Northern Trust.

I thought I would take a second to share some updated metrics and success stories from the front lines of the containerization revolution:

  • With over 20,000 stars (just short of 2x the next project), Docker remains the #1 starred project on GitHub in the DevOps showcase, and is encroaching on all-time rockstars like Rails and…

On Our Investment in ProtectWise

Security is a nasty business. Brilliant security researchers have told me, with a straight face, that the asymmetric nature of cybersecurity makes it an unsolvable problem. There will always be more attackers than defenders; attackers are hidden while their targets are highly public; threats can evolve incredibly quickly while defensive solutions are static by nature.

This massive, evolving problem has spawned several generations of companies. In the 90s attackers took advantage of companies and households coming online for the first time, while vendors hawked signature-based endpoint solutions, in-line filters and firewalls. A second wave of companies like Palo Alto Networks…

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