This blog will teach you how to obtain a user’s approximate coordinates and mark them on a GoogleMapReact Map.

Step Overview:

  • Obtain a Google API Key.
  • Obtain the user’s coordinates. This blog will show you two different ways of achieving this. Option 1 is using built-in Google Chrome geolocation and option 2 is utilizing Google’s Geocoding API (for browsers that may not support the first approach or users who elect not to process their location through the browser.)
  • Add the Geocoding API to you project’s list of APIs. This API will allow you to obtain user coordinates by converting a an address…

This tutorial will teach you how to create a dynamic HTML table through the use of Javascript and Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation. The number of table rows and cell content will vary depending on your data.

In this tutorial, I will be creating a scoreboard for a Javascript video game and the data will be coming from a fetch request. The source of the data for your application may be different, but the logic should still apply. This tutorial will include screenshots for the code, website rendering, and the full HTML at each step in the tutorial.

The copy-paste-friendly…

I have written this blog for those who are currently considering a career change given their current circumstances. I completed a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering at the end of 2015. In 2011, at the start of my college career, Petroleum Engineering was upon the top-paying fields. This was not the primary reason why I was set on this career path, but it surely wasn’t a drawback when I was weighing my options. For some people, however, its profitability was that career’s only appeal.

When my petroleum engineering cohort graduated in 2015, the oil and gas industry was in…

I had an interesting realization when I was discussing my progress in learning Ruby at Flatiron School with one of my friends. Our conversation was in Spanish. During the conversation, I described some of the capabilities of the app I built and the methods that I used while building the app for my module 1 project. It was at that moment that I realized I had just used a combination of three languages throughout the whole conversation — even though I tried to strictly speak Spanish, since I rarely get to speak in my first language and have experienced a…

Daniel Scott Cole

A cyclist who studied Petroleum Engineering and realized he enjoys coding.

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