What you describe requires a “two-way” transaction; business to consumer/consumer to business…
Ethical Crowdsourcing

For true true two-way agreements with websites and services, we need terms we can assert and they can accept.

Ad and tracking blockers, which now have more than 200 million users, are key to getting critical mass for those terms. That’s why they are invited to participate in the terms-setting process on VRM Day and IIW later this month. So are the browser makers.

It’s time for the par-boiled frogs to jump out of the pot. Having terms the frogs can use for dealing with websites and services is where the frogs can jump to in order to become human again. It will also give those sites and services a better way to deal with human beings as well.

They can’t do it on their own, any more than one hand can do a handshake. We need to step up with a human hand they can shake. That’s what terms are for. Simple as that.

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