OK so what do you say to P&G et al?
Marc Canter

Here’s what P&G should do.

  1. Support good journals and good broadcasters—and journalism along with it, by sponsoring them with the uncomplicated kind of brand advertising P&G invented in the first place. That means dropping tracking-based adtech that the GDPR will make illegal in a few months anyway. Also make a big public thing about it, because that will help too.
  2. Commit to calling non-adtech ads #SafeAds, as I recommend here and here. Take a leadership position on that, just as P&G did with brand advertising, which it named and began practicing in the 1930s. That will save the very concept of branding, and put a new shine on commercial publishing and broadcasting as well. It will also put P&G on the side of other gods: customers, markets, privacy, the Internet and sensible regulation (e.g. the GDPR), all at once.
  3. Throw some weight behind #customertech by offering development and promotional help. Nothing will do more for P&G, customers everywhere, and the whole damn marketplace.

If P&G or any other branding company wants help with any or all of that, I’m available. And thanks for asking :-)

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