Draft Recap

Draft Recap

The draft is over! We did it! After 22 rounds and 264 players over the course of 2 months we have the building blocks for our dynasty teams! The draft got off to a rocky start but we found a new member and hopefully we won’t have to replace somebody every again. The first round was fairly standard with people taking young productive players early, but it was a little surprising how far some of the quarterbacks fell in a superflex league. Once most teams had their core two guys they felt more comfortable taking a quarterback in the third as they flew off the board then with most teams finding their team anchor in that round.

Everyone had an interesting and different strategy that they went into the draft with; Kri and Ronnie built around strong young running backs, AJ went win now to try to get that first couple of years of the empire pot, Danny and Chris formed their teams around quarterbacks and wide receivers, Sarah, Sam, Kevin, Wes, and Devin all formed a youth — vet — youth sandwich taking vets to build around talented youth but also pack a productive punch this season, Colin went very youth centric and should be a very formidable team for a long time, and Jordan went wide receiver early and took a young running back shotgun approach. Just like eating a reeses, there is no wrong way to build a dynasty team. The coming seasons will show the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy.

According to Fantasypros here are the draft grades and the power rankings of teams based on a couple of aggregate “expert” rankings. These don’t really mean anything but they are interesting to look at. It also doesn’t take into affect any draft pick trades.

Here is a look at a tool that tries to equate value similar to the stock market. It overvalues youth as long term output and doesn’t take handcuffs into consideration but it’s an interesting way to look at teams and try to quantify.

Everything is very volatile and subject to change. Enjoy the last month of football free Sundays and may September arrive sooner rather than later!