Review of “Your Alice”, produced by Ophelia Theatre at Fringe

I’m partial to Alice in Wonderland, a book I think of so highly that I listed it as a primary influence on my world view on a dating site. Anyone who understands that bond would know why I would feel compelled to defend Alice with my life were she to be in any way mishandled or disrespected by the profane.

So it was that I attended Your Alice with the interest one would have with the love of one’s life in someone else’s hands.

First, the production was first class. The play’s visuals were excellent, and both the costumes and the actors’ characterizations did justice to the illustrations by John Tenniel and the original characters themselves. Whether intentional or not, the actor playing Lewis Carroll did bear some resemblance to the real-life author. The director/playwright, Billie Aken-Tyers, had to shrink the play’s time by a third to fit Fringe requirements. She managed it well and kept the staging lively and engaging throughout.

Apart from the many scenes that reflected Alice’s fantasy world, an unexpected meaning for the title Your Alice emerges as the line between Wonderland Alice and historical Alice Liddell, a real girl, becomes blurred. The play becomes a reverie upon what the unique relationship between Alice and Lewis Carroll might have been. There’s a certain poignancy in this portrayal of a real-life relationship that catalyzed the writing of one of the world’s great literary works. We’re not likely ever to uncover the definitive evidence, but this portrayal could well have been in line with the two historical figures’ inner thoughts over 150 years ago.

I rate Your Alice as highly suitable for Alice in Wonderland aficionados……as well as all other humans.

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principal,; Wall Street refugee who writes on finance and other topics of interest.

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