Why on earth would god care if humans worship it/them?

Note: for clarity and to simplify nomenclature, the words for deity, god, all-seeing all-powerful being, and similar terms, will be represented by ‘*’ in this article.

There is a recurring theme in American life which requires discussion about freedom to worship *. In a recent speech to the Values Voters Summit, trump spoke of defending Judaeo-Christian values by making it safe to say “merry christmas” in the United States. It’s unclear how that protects the Judaeo part of those values; I didn’t hear many Jews sighing with relief from the speech. Not to quibble over that, however. More important is trump’s line, “In America, we don’t worship government, we worship *.”

Here’s what ‘worship’ means: show reverence and adoration for (a *); honor with religious rites.

But really, this presupposes that * wants to be worshipped. Did anyone think to ask * what it wanted? And why * is so insecure as to need worshipping? There’s at least one biblical indication of this in Deuteronomy: “For the * your * is a consuming fire, even a jealous *.” This line in the Old Testament suggests a high-school girl type of *, willing to scratch the eyes out of any wobbly-hipped other * that has the nerve to show up.

The jealous * theme raises other questions. How does * feel about atheists, who have no * of which to be jealous? Is the Christian* jealous of the Muslim *? If it is, doesn’t that presuppose a lot of competing *s? On the other hand, if there is only one*, then that means that humans, and not *, created a whole clusterfuck over their misinterpretation of what * meant. Or maybe the line in Deuteronomy came from a human who decided to make * a lot more human, without permission.

Joseph Heller wrote a book, “Catch-22”, which demonstrated the absurdity of war. In one scene an officer was speaking to the chaplain about religious services for the enlisted men, who were segregated from the officers. This officer was astonished to learn from the chaplain that the enlisted men prayed to the same * as the officers.

But here’s the point: a* that needs worshipping is pretty doggone narcissistic. Imagine a* waving its many tentacles to express dismay at not being worshipped enough, as it twitches with impatience waiting to be worshipped by enough humans. Maybe this * thinks it’s never enough.

So, circling back to the Values Voters, evangelicals who are now a cornerstone of Trump’s base……….perhaps they are at peace with Trump as president because Trump expresses divinity as they know it: a * with a never-ending need for adulation. He actually behaves the way they think a * would behave. And the evangelicals, on the other hand, have learned that *, like trump, is not to be questioned but obeyed. And worshipped.

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