Blockchain 2020: The pace of adoption accelerates

Hello! 👋🏻 In this post, we will talk about the pace of blockchain adoption

📌 Many institutional economists believe that blockchain is one of the most useful and disruptive technologies that have brought cryptocurrencies to our world.

🔐 This is not surprising, because a database that would be protected from unauthorized changes due to its architecture is really great.

🔺 Therefore, the implementation of the blockchain is going even faster than even many crypto enthusiasts expected.

🔹 For example, in Estonia, a part of medical records is already being processed using a distributed register, which made life easier for doctors and pharmacy workers.

🔹 Finland identifies refugees using blockchain technology.

🔹 In addition, payment systems such as VISA, SWIFT, MasterCard, and UnionPay conduct R&D in the field of blockchain, since it can significantly reduce the cost and speed up transactions.

🏆 Despite the fact that the blockchain is actively used by states, this is only for the benefit of the technology, since it gets its development. After all, blockchain startups in cryptocurrencies appear every year more and more, and the DeFi sphere attracts huge investments.

✅ DeFi and the distributed ledger are the future. The DSF project uses the best that these technologies can give in their decentralized financial social network.

📢 Learn more about the DSF project and the opportunities it offers on our website:




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