Design Lab artist El Grand Chamaco Presents at the 2017 Latin American Design Festival

and let’s us in on the story behind his famous mask

Artist El Grand Chamaco is one mysterious soul. Take for instance the fact that El Grand Chamaco isn’t his real name. His public facing persona is a mixture of both sincere anecdotes about his life combined with a refreshing habit to keep his true identity under wraps.

El Grand Chamaco’s Hand-crafted Sabino Wood Mask

When EGC speaks publicly, like he did at the Latin American Design Festival a few months ago, he made sure to wear his signature mask — a hand carved customized piece made out of Sabino wood, a native tree that grows in the region where he lives in Mexico. Chamaco created the design and a friend sculpted it.

We asked him what it was like to present at the awards and visit Lima, Peru:

image credit: @ladfest

“The truth is, I’m a very shy person and I don’t speak in public very often. I suffer a lot every time I do something like this but I think being scared helps me to be more prepared and say what I have to say in a more effective way. What I like about these speaking events is that I go out with friends and I get the chance to go to cities or towns that I never thought I would visit. I was eating a lot in Lima, it has a similar culture to Mexico.”

Chamaco’s worked with everyone from Nike to Cartoon Network and has even produced promotional design work and CG animations for one of France’s largest music festivals, Garorock, this past year.

We can’t wait to see what’s next!