My mental health disability has prevented me from keeping a tech job.

I cannot prove why anything I do is true. I can only prove that it works for the one use case. My brain does not allow me to see past what my reality is to prove why something is logically sound and valid.

This is called debugging or empirical evidence.

In other words, testing.

In mental health

This is called schizophrenia. In my life, I take everything as truth. I read signs on the street thinking they have meaning that will lead me to find treasure. I think every person on the street is the secret service working for the government. These are all first impressions because I do not have a filter in my brain to decipher between reality and false. I believe my reality is the only reality and everyone else in it, isn’t.

Back to coding

I have been interviewed by every tech company imaginable. From startup to Google, but I never get an offer. On paper and throughout the interview, I am an ideal candidate but as soon as they ask me why I wrote something a certain way, I can no longer explain and it is like asking a two year old why he put Lego in his mouth.

At this rate, I am not sure if a technical job is for me. Hypothetically, if I could write the most logically sound algorithms… I cannot prove why they are valid.

Is it time for a career change?

I am 24, have a computer science degree from Virginia Tech, started multiple businesses but all seem to go nowhere. I can build the tech quicker than anyone, but I only know how to build prototypes. Again, I cannot prove why what I have built is needed. Even, if, I know it is needed.