Over the weekend, I got invited to speak at a remote conference organized by Charles Max Wood (@cmaxw). I love a good remote conference, but something was off. Here’s why I will not be participating and why you may want to skip this one too.

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DM invite from Charles Max Wood

I trust my intuition, but always try to verify. In the past, I have mostly kept it to myself, but after what happened with @NodeAtlanta. I’m going to try to be a bit more proactive. Too many people were hurt in that incident.

🧾 https://medium.com/@NgAtlanta/closing-ngatlanta-nodeatlanta-61d0ad887fb

With @NodeAtlanta, I had a bad feeling about it. My outreach to validate whether Zach was legit came up lukewarm. So I decided not to speak, not to endorse and generally avoided it. I wish I had been more proactive in expressing my concerns. …

Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco at the horizon
Golden Gate Bridge with San Francisco at the horizon
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Today marks the end of for those of us who have been fighting for representation in the Democratic Party by a leader who is capable, competent and willing to fight for our democracy above self interest.

Someone unwilling to cede to anger and indignation. Someone who does not seek or reach for the benefit of the doubt when challenges occur. Someone who supports those around them. Someone who leads by example.

Now, as before, we have only one choice. Move forward. Continue to dream big. Continue to fight.

15 years ago, I abandoned the Democratic Party to become an independent. I found that to be much harder than I’d expected. The system expected me to choose. I kept finding my “independence” associated with fringe groups. …

It’s all about you.

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Photo by richard hewat on Unsplash

Joseph Jacks lays down in Open Consensus the assertion that Open Source Software will consume the vast majority of current SaaS value over the next 20 years. In concrete terms, OSS Will Eat $385+ BILLION Worth Of SaaS Over ~20 Years. I happen to agree with him, but why? Why has Open Source become the unstoppable force that it is today? Why do folks feel empowered by open source?

As humans, we crave validation. Open source provides us access to satisfy that need in ways that proprietary software cannot. If we are software creators, the best we could hope for in the old proprietary model is a line in the credits. …


Dan Shaw

Global Head of Developer Relations at @PayPal. Open Source leader. Founder @NodeSource, The Node Firm. Always bet on Node.js ✨

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