Manager Numbers
Joe Posnanski

You wrote that the Padres trade of Ozzie Smith was staggeringly awful. Was it really? Obviously trading a younger future HOF SS for an older solid regular SS isn’t great but Templeton was a key part of the success the 80s Padres had and I don’t think they have much more if any success if Smith stays the entire decade. Smith was key to the Cardinals great teams in the 80s so it was a great trade for them, but staggeringly awful for the Padres? I’ve heard this many times but I don’t really buy it. In fact I think Templeton is a better candidate for the manager # than Smith. FWIW I also think Steve Finley, Nate Colbert, or Jake Peavy (seeing the numbers the Padres have chosen to retire I think Peavy has a legit shot of getting 44 honored) would also be better choices.

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