Fair Tax Act would eliminate IRS and establish a 30% federal sales tax

While this article is better than many that misrepresent the FairTax, it still leaves out a number of important truths. Some of these, Randy Fisher’s comment presented. To begin with, The FairTax should never be refereed to as a sales tax, as this article’s title does. It is a consumption tax. The difference? one taxes only a new product, one time. Once a product is taxed, it will never be taxed again. a sales tax , taxes sales. ANY SALE! That is a huge difference, especially if you are buying a used house. No sales tax . As for the people who always focus on the rate, They never seem to mind the fact that they are usually paying more than that now. H.R.25 is a replacement for the income tax AND the IRS, AND the corporate tax. That means the individual, and teh employer, will have no compliance costs. That is cost of calculating and of your employer having to calculate how much you made so that you may have the honor to pay your hard earned money to the government. Think of it as though every one is working for CASH! This is expected/estimated, to not only make you pay less in taxes but also to make US manufactured goods, the cost of manufacturing to decrease, no less than, 25%.! So paying 30% on only new items will allow the lower income earners to spend even less while the higher income earners will, as usual be building NEW houses and NEW boats and NEW expensive cars, that the rest of us can benefit from next year when they become available as new nontaxable items. The Benefits of the FairTax are almost too numerous to enumerate. The more you understand it the more you will demand it. See how what I wrote is completely ignored by the descriptions of the complaints or the negatives written in this article. To demonstrate the inaccuracy, further; Look at the chart supposedly showing the tax by income levels. The lowest three are grossly misrepresented, most likely intentionally. To begin with the bottom level pays NO tax dues to the prebate. When the poverty level is $18,000. those and those making any thing less, pay no tax. The poorest actually could even make money from the fairTax. Not that they would make enough to live on. Don’t the nay Sayers love to criticize that. What? We pay people not to make money? We pay people now with refunds. Many of those refunds are fraudulent and we have to apply for them. Do a google search for tax fraud. FairTax also eliminates almost ALL of the fraud. (possibly all fraud) It ends almost all lobbyists. No one gets a break over any one else. No tax breaks, there is nothing to lobby for. April fifteen is just another day. Taxes are already paid. Let me say it again; The more you understand it the more you will demand it. It even has a trial period. What other law has a trial period? No other tax proposal eliminate the highly corrupt , IRS!

see fairtax.org

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