Truly inspirational post by Vikas Bansal (Product Leader Flipkart ) on LinkedIn

Vikas Bansal Product Leader @Flipkart || Ex-CEO Jeeves || Ex-Google || IIMB3d

Parents play such a crucial role in shaping up our value system. My dad had immense influence on me too. I remember one example when I was a kid. He drew a line and asked Dad: How can you make this line smaller Me: By erasing it with an eraser Dad: OR you can do that by drawing a bigger line next to it I was amazed. Such a simple thing but such a profound message.

I have applied this always whether it was excelling during my education or professional life. Even while running a company, I always used to think how I can make our company bigger rather than trying to be-little our competitors. I hope everybody uses this everyday to be bigger/better rather than trying to prove others small

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