We create the opportunities that we deserve.

I realized this with my sister’s friend whose father is struggling with terminal cancer. I advised her yesterday to express all her love to her dad until she’s exhausted. I said that from the bottom of my heart since I wished to have done that with my dad when we discovered his terminal cancer one day before he passed away. I asked myself why I didn’t have the opportunity to express my love to him until I get exhausted… I did have the time to do it… at least few hours prior to his departure from this world, but, still I was not conscious enough to do it and now I regret for that. I expressed my love to him as usual, in a plain and simple mode, when I dream of him now, I hold him tight and cry aloud telling him how much I love him. I think, things may have been different if I had been more caring with my dad, and that’s why I believe we create the opportunities, those that we deserve.

I wish we all people become conscious enough to express love to everyone, ignoring prejudices or any other thinking that obstacles our heart from giving.