Colorado Corruption: Susan Holmes End Police Secrecy

Police Secrecy is the Key to Police Violence

Susan Holmes has been fighting non-stop to get exact, copies of the digital records in the homicide of her 19 year old son, Jeremy Holmes. However, the ‘forces’ of Colorado State have insured that those records never come to light. The Fort Collins District Court found against Susan Holmes in her ‘Open Records’ case against Colorado State University. Colorado State University Police Department was represented by a number of attorneys from the Attorney General’s Office of Colorado.

In a number of videos published by Social Justice Project Fort Collins, Susan Holmes has provided indisputable video & document evidence that proves there is a ‘Ring of Corruption’ in the Fort Collins law enforcement community. Here are the videos:

Colorado Corruption: How Fort Collins ‘Covers’ for Violent Police

Colorado Corruption — Susan Holmes Proves that the Fort Collins DA Lied

Colorado Corruption — Fort Collins Judge Brinegar Denies Access to Police Records that would prove ‘Tampering’

Colorado Corruption — How Police Tamper with Evidence

Colorado Corruption — Judge Brinegar’s Judicial Lies

Colorado Corruption — Susan Holmes End Police Secrecy

Susan Holmes will continue to expose and fight for the right for every citizen to have access to police records that should be Public. The Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA) should be REPEALED. This antiquated State law allows the police to withhold records that implicates them in crimes against the Public. The CCJRA states that police can keep any record from the Public based on their ‘discretion.’ There is no state standard for access to police records other than the ‘discretion’ of an employee of a police agency. The Media never reports on this Colorado State statute as a violation of the Public’s right to records that they support via their taxes. This information should be reported until the CCJRA is repealed. Here’s a quote from Susan Holmes’s Responsive Brief submitted in her Open Records lawsuit against Colorado State University:

The antiquated Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act (CCJRA) does not provide a remedy for police misconduct in the abuse of criminal justice records. The release of body camera footage will never be resolved under the CCJRA. The abuse of discretion by the custodial agent is inevitable when the police are the investigating agencies for homicides committed by law enforcement. Police secrecy is no longer an acceptable practice for the 21st century. In order to end police violence, the American people must have access to their government records. A fair and impartial Judiciary must error on the side of public disclosure.

Susan Holmes’s Campaign Platform 2019

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