Minimal, the New Black
Chris Jones

Chris, your posts never cease to nudge and prod into mindfulness and inner reflection. I have had to adapt a minimalist lifestyle, living in a hotel room since a April 2017 for work related reasons. This has helped in determining what I really need, deliberately discarding everything that is ‘nice to have’, and being purposeful in what you choose to keep. This does not apply only to physical aspects, but also the habits you cultivate and what you choose to think and practice. I agree with everything you have posted. I would also add the concept of kaizen, which is to seek continuous and incremental improvement in everything that you do. This, coupled with the concepts that you explain in your post help maximize your creative process and seek to extract the most utilitarian value from your circumstances. I believe this results in a better person, and adds a richness that cannot be explained to your relationships and how you interact with the world. Thank you for posting and sharing.