5 Reasons You Should Be Writing Lists
Fontinalis Rising

I would like to start by giving you 5 1/2 tips on 5 Reasons You should be Writing Lists. I jest.

I really like your post and thank you for writing and sharing it. Its timely, relevant and opportune. It questions us and reminds us on why we joined up to the Writers Cooperative. Its not to garner hearts. Its to improve how we communicate through writing with both the author and the reader engaging in a process that is mutually beneficial in improving the craft.

Two weeks ago a popular author on a publication in Medium wrote on the use of a certain punctuation mark. A couple of sentences in his post read “If you have used more than three, shudder”, and “ overusing this one piece of punctuation gives your communications a distinctly middle school flavor and kills your credibility.”

The same author posts an article last week on ‘10 of my Favourite….’ and garners more than 150+ hearts and nine comments along the lines of how these tips ‘saved my life!”. The article has more than four of these punctuation marks . I’m not sure if the authors who post these lists really believe in them or follow them.

I am not being judgmental but the reality is that there is an assumption that the number of ‘clicks’ on the heart is true readership which makes the publication and the author popular since quantity is a metric that is more valued than quality.

I would rather read one or two thoughtful pieces and try to understand what the author is trying to convey and learn from it. If its a draft or a critique piece I would like to comment, suggest, question and engage with the author so that there is mutual learning.

If one person reads something that I have posted and provides a thoughtful response or critique I would value that more than a bucket load of ‘hearts’.

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