Startup Funding and Dsion

What is the most important thing about investment?

What is the most important thing about investment?

Warren Buffett is arguably the world’s greatest stock investor. He’s also a bit of a philosopher., and he said that there are 2 important rules in investment

> Rule No.1: Never lose money

> Rule No.2: Never forget rule no.1

The purpose of the investment is to make a big profit, unlike stable savings

So, there is a downside to investment there’s always a “risk” that the principal could not be preserved.

For this reason, one of the most important things to consider in investing is “risk management”.

When selecting an investment target, the first thing to look at is how well the risk management system is.

In this article, we will look at different types of startup investment and see how Dsion has some distinct advantages and a risk management system. Let’s take a look at how we can invest.

Basically, there are types of startup investments such as angel investment, venture capital, crowdfunding and ICO for blockchain startup investment.

Angel Investment

Angel Investment is an investment that provides funds needed for companies in the early stage of business start-up in an investment form and advises on management to raise the value of the enterprise and return the investment profit.

However, as the name implies, it is a risky investment method that can be seen in a somewhat idealistic and unrealistic way, if the actual investment fails, the loss of the entire principal.

Venture Capital

Venture capital refers to a corporation that invests through the acquisition of stocks for venture businesses that are highly technologically advanced and promising but whose management base is weak and general financial institutions are so risky that they are difficult to finance, or such corporate capital itself.

As a representative example, when the game ‘Battleground’, which has become a topic of discussion, was in a crisis to stop development due to lack of funds during development, IMM Investments, a venture capital company, invested 200 billion won in Bluehole, making it what it is today.

However, since venture capital is ‘their own league’, ordinary people who are small investors have a difficult time to get involved.

Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is a way for a particular person or organization to raise money by attracting investment from a large number of individuals online, setting the goal and duration of the funds needed for the activity or business.

It’s a good funding method which is quite popular, and there is a saying, if you collect little pieces of dust eventually you will have made a mountain. Like this saying if you saved a penny it will becomes a large sum of money and allows the project to actually go on.

But limitation of crowdfunding is that it’s difficult for a small investor to assed and verify how much you actually invest in the business.

Initial Coin Offering

ICO funding is a form of companies that are focused on cryptographic and blockchain based projects that raise investment by issuing cryptograms or tokens.

ICO can be compared to the IPO of the stock. It is disclosed and funded to an unspecified number for the cryptographic business like revealing it to the unspecified number to publicize the stock.

Let’s talk about the strengths of Dsion through a comparative analysis with Crowdfunding, a type of investment that is similar to the type of Dsion among these four types of startup funds.

Safety device

Since both crowdfunding and Dsion platforms are basically “investment” the possibility of a loss of principal exists.

However, in the case of crowdfunding, there is no guarantee of principal, while Dsion has a value assurance token (VAT), which is a safeguard to guarantee a substantial portion of the principal, if not the full amount.

VAT, the abbreviation of Value Assurance Token, is a Dsion only safety device that is built into the Dsion blockchain as a self-fund in order to preserve some of the investment principal.

(Dsion’s VAT is currently patent pending.)


The National Tax Service is required to tax all profits. Because crowdfunding is also a kind of bond, you’re going to be charged a 15.4% interest income tax if you get a return on the bond.

But in the case of Dsion, there is no tax on revenue because it is an unregulated code. It is a benefit of Dsion.

In its platform, 1% of the revenue is stored in the form of a reserve fund, rather than in the concept of a tax, which is stored to maintain the value of Dsion and to benefit investors, such as incinerating it in order to prevent inflation when it is issued in large quantities.

Post management

Crowdfunding has a high risk of loss of principal because it is not managed at all after the investment, while in the case of Dsion, Milestone, which is a kind of schedule, is recorded in the blockchain and the startup business is carried out according to certain technology and schedule Anyone will be able to see the information.

In comparison with crowdfunding, which is the most easily accessible start-up funding, Dsion has an outstanding advantage over all aspects of safety, taxation and post management.

Startup investment platform Dsion, a blockchain that create a new startup investment ecosystem with safety protection for secure and transparent investments.

I am going to end this article by leaving some basic information about Dsion token.

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A blockchain platform that builds a new virtuous cycle of investment ecosystem by realizing the value of Dsion.