Live Streaming — What it can do for your brand.

Although Facebook Livestream, Periscope and Youtube Live have different interfaces and appeal to slightly different demographics, all three of them have one element in common: a new opportunity to reach your target audience.

So, if you have not had a chance to use all three, or you are comfortable with one, but not the others, familiarize yourself with ALL of them as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more attention your competitors may have stolen from you by the time you decide to act.

Live streaming can do a ton for your brand, including:

Promoting Direct Interaction

During your broadcasts you have a unique opportunity to converse with your audience in real time. They can ask questions and make comments, and visa versa. You can provide your audience value and they can provide you critical feedback on your product or service. As social media becomes more and more about organic reach, what better way is there to get in tune with your audience than a live, realtime discussion.

Bolstering Engagement and Growth

Live streaming provides an uniquely intimate chance to create authentic connections with your fans and followers. Live feeds can bring a human element to your brand and allow the customer to develop a personal connection. After all, your customers are people just like you. Give them an inside view of your brand and what you and your team are all about.

For established brands, living steaming can provide a chance to reconnect with your audience, while giving new brands a chance to catapult themselves to the front of the consumer discussion line.

Stimulating New Customer Attention

Live feeds can facilitate the acquisition of new customer attention. Make your broadcast unique and exciting. Give someone not only a reason to tune in, but also provide them with reasons not to leave.

The one attribute that live streaming inherently conveys is a sense of authenticity. My suggestion is to embrace that element. Let your voice and who you are ring through.