Has Facebook lost his core benefit? Connecting people together.

I am a huge fan of all the innovations that FB has recently launched, especially messenger and the whole personalized and instant interactions that consumers will now have with brands…

But I am not sure, that the main aim of Facebook: to easily connect with friends, is so relevant right now.

First, they are very few new tools launched for them. We are only talking about ads, brands… and live that will be used by both brands and end consumers.

Second: our wall is now overcrowed by media, brands, association contents, and it has to be against our friends one.

In comparison to snapchat or whatsapp group you can create, you can see ALL the content of your friends you care about. And they too, so interaction is much higher.

I really think, that FB challenge will be not to loose this amazing revolution that they created while letting us following and interacting with our friends’life

I would love to hear your opinion too on it?