The topic of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs), and the wider topics of software language engineering and model-driven software development (MDSD), have held great promise over several decades already. Then why aren’t we all building DSLs to do our projects with MDSD-style?

I think several problems cause that. Below, I’ll outline these, and explain for each one of them how the book I’m writing addresses that problem.

TL;DR 1. There’s hardly any introductory-level material to learn about DSLs; 2. Parsing technology is hard and only good for purely-textual DSLs —projectional editing to the rescue; 3. …

“A while ago” I was approached by Manning Publications: whether I was down for writing a book about these things called Domain-Specific Languages. I happily obliged, and in the meanwhile, they have deemed the latest version of the contents good and substantial enough to go into the Manning Early Access Program. You can have a peek at the first three chapters at

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Today, August 14th, Domain-Specific Languages made Easy is part of Deal of the Day. Head over to and use the code dotd081420au to get 50% off the price of not only my book, but also off of Five Lines of Code (about Refactoring), and Seriously Good Software (about writing just that). …

While I was wrestling with some ghastly batch script the other day, it struck me that we seem to be relatively loathe to hold the, often quite dark, art of scripting to the same standards as we do other aspects of software engineering principles.

In random order:


Meinte Boersma

All-round software value creator, specialising in DSL construction and language engineering.

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