A Tuesday Rant

I feel the need to get some words off of my chest that have been weighing heavily on me for the past few months. Time that would be better spent relaxing, enjoying life, or sleeping has been instead spent trying to think of the conversation I would have with each person in the world that has really bothered me by their lack of compassion and ignorance. I know that this internal struggle is of my own doing, and nobody is forcing me to have these invisible conversations, but I feel like this might be the best way for me to move on and get over what I’ve been carrying.

I am saddened by how many people that are American have severely bastardized that term to the point that I don’t know where I want to live any more.

I’ve seen posts on Facebook that condemn how the US has issues of its own, yet is spending money on other countries…

I would hope that despite all of these individual’s personal problems, that if they saw a person in need, they would be willing to help, and especially if one of their friends was suffering, that they offer to assist in any way that they can.

I have struggled to pay bills, and haven’t thought twice about sending tokens of appreciation to friends. I completely understand how we live in a global context and that to the world, we have an identity. We can either be the jerks that are self-centered, only care about themselves, and are only interested in our gains, or we can be the caring friend who is willing to do what they can to help out.

“But we’ve been fooled by other nations before”

Humans are full of issues, and I’m pretty sure we have all lied before to get our way, or been deviant / not fully upfront with all of our intentions. We don’t always trust our alcoholic uncle to do better for himself, and at times we probably assume the worst, hope for the best, whatever. The point is that we have no room to judge other nations by a few actions by a few people and then expect other nations to not judge us. We are hypocritical in this sense (or some people claim they don’t care what other people think, which is a pretty asshole self-centered statement in and of itself).

“They view us as weak”

Strength comes from being able to move the world with little effort. Power comes from ability of control and precision in action. Starting wars, having pissing contests over who has more “man-power” and the like are all very petty. They are modern day, technology enhanced forms of primal rage based fighting. “I am stronger, therefore I should have more power/control/dominance/whatever” This logic is baked into every living entity, survival of the fittest.

We are better than that, at least, I would like to hope we are. We have created art, arranged massive buildings backed by what we’ve declared science. We love out of emotion and feel beyond physical means. We look out into the darkness of night and it invokes feelings that I guarantee you are not shared amongst the many other living things on this planet. These pissing contests really brings us back a few evolutionary levels when the best we have to move forward is to use force and physical intimidation like that of any other animal.

The higher thought processes we are capable of can do such great things, and then due to some very negative emotions, vanish in the blink of an eye succumbing to a panic frenzy. We go from discussing politics to being caged animals yelping out cries from fear.

We dehumanize others, calling them mentally disturbed, enraged, right winged, left winged, bigoted, extremist, deviant, evil. These are all constructs that must be viewed to be understood. Nobody is inherently good or bad. We view them as such because of the map that we’ve defined for humanity to live by. As soon as someone falls off that map, they are no longer human, no longer deserving of compassion, no longer cries for help. There are maps that others have that we don’t exist on. Our world has grown to the point that we should understand how we all exist and must coexist for the benefit of everyone rather than dehumanize till we feel good about ourselves or what we are doing.

It sickens me that there are people that complain how the world has become so sensitive and touchy, that being politically correct is too exhausting. The irony is how sensitive these people have been to the world shrinking and changing. Rather than view the world in this state of consistent change that describes the passage of time, they think back to the ‘good old days’. Which is ironic when these same people talk about how ‘kids these days don’t know how easy it is. Back in my day …’. The world has to change. Hopefully if you have children, it’s because you hope they grow up in a better world. It’s not enough to have a child and hope for the best, you should be doing your part to make the world better, everyone should. We all breathe the same air, have similar DNA, etc. Why do we get caught up on thoughts, ideas, beliefs, other items that are merely extra variations from which to enjoy life? We want things simple, yet we appreciate the different and elegant coloring outside the edges. We are easily confused and not easily informed. If we truly want to evolve to a higher level of understanding, we need to understand how to communicate effectively, and understand both our importance, and our insignificance. We find fault with hypocrisy before truly understanding and merely accepting it as a fact of life (and death).

The world has always just been in existence. We try to analyze situations, compare it against the past, project it into the future, and in the process of doing so, we lose sight of what’s important. We suffocate our neurons capable of higher thinking trying to drown each other’s voices to see who can be the loudest voice in the room. Survival of the fittest is fitting for evolution where actions are predictable and creatures are mere cogs of a massive machine, working perfectly in sync, only to be replaced with a better working cog that can survive the machine’s grueling demands.

We long to be loved, to share life with those we care about the most. We easily forget how those other people long to be loved and share life with those they care about most.

We do what is in our best interest and screw the world around us because we feel that the world owes us something amazing. The world is amazing on its own right. Our failure to see it does not justify our behavior at establishing our own sense of justice. We are owed nothing by this life. We are entitled to nothing.

I used to consider myself lucky to live in the United States. I felt like the founding fathers were some pretty intelligent guys and stood up for what they believed in. They played by the rules, they got pushed around. They were the little guys, the under-represented in parliament. They were the ones that were subject to the whim of those that had no idea what was going on. They sought to change this and did so for the better.

It’s sad the number of people that claim to be American, are proud to be gun owners, want to throw human rights to vote where the majority wins, and then feel justified in ridiculing the government and making jokes about the president.

The country has its problems. We add to that list if we expect that a police officer should be honored for his efforts, and the president is left to be made a mockery of. You are not proud of your country if you feel justified in making fun of those elected. You come off to me as having no logical platform to stand on and must resort to child-aged name calling to feel a sense of superiority over that which you no longer have control.

When I was younger, I could not wait to be an adult. I could not wait to be at the adult table to have deeper conversations. I could not wait to be respected.

After becoming an adult, I’ve learned how adults barely respect each other. Many parents have children and expect their children to respect them as parents. These same parents belittle others, name-call, resort to other childish tactics, and then are suddenly surprised and shocked when they see their children misbehave. I wish I enjoyed my childhood more as being an adult has left me with some unfulfilled expectations with regards to respect, being understood, and self improvement.

It takes a lot more than legislation to fix the issues we face today as a society. It will take many people time to sober up from the drunken madness from the daily alcoholic lies we’ve convinced ourselves is acceptable human behavior.

I have my hope in society. I have lost my confidence in specific people. I have very little influence at the moment to make the world a better place, but I will do what I can to maintain my own sense of happiness, and pursue it daily.

I might post more later on, I might not. At any rate, I feel better sharing a few random thoughts that have troubled me over the past few weeks. It doesn’t matter to me whether someone agrees or disagrees with me, so long as you respect me enough to have my opinion. If there are facts that I falsified, that is one thing, but my opinions are of my own thought process under the context under which they were written. As a person, I reserve the right to change my opinion as the world changes and respect others’ rights to their opinions.

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