A weird dream

Today (rather this morning) I had a weird dream that involved people I went to high school with, friends I made at college, friends I made at workplaces, and even some family and newer friends from my adult-life.

At one point, I was talking to someone who recently lost her son. Her son was my age and someone who went to school with me, but we were never very close.

In my dream, I had told her he was still alive. I could talk to him and told her he was well.

Beyond this, in my dream, we could travel through time to try and prevent his death.

She was excited at the idea of venturing into the past to potentially save her son from dying.

We somehow managed to travel back in time.

When we finally got ‘back’ I noticed we were back at my high school, only it was freshmen year.

There was also something about going back in time that we didn’t really ‘go back’ but rather we transferred to an alternate dimension that was ‘closest’ to ours.

Like marionettes, everyone moved around us in a way as if there was no free will, but we could clearly move around.

We found her son who looked much younger and was very cheerful.

He too was moving in a way that suggested he was being controlled by someone.

As outsiders to this dimension, we could see what was about to happen as everyone moved around according to some greater ryththym.

We brought her son back to our dimension but in doing so had created a small realm that consisted of parts of our world and the other dimension.

She was very happy to have her son ‘back’ and we had brought him up to speed.

The strangest part was that this seemed to be a new awakening for him.

Prior till now, he had never fully felt awake, but for the first time, could now ‘remember’ things and ‘feel’ things.

There was a lot of crying and a lot of emotions, and then the world slowly tore itself apart.

As the Earth crumbled under our feet, it came back together.

It was as if the Earth was breathing and lingering on its last breaths.

We had disturbed something that should have never been disturbed.

I started to panic as I felt like the world was vanishing before my eyes.

Suddenly I heard a familiar ringing.

My alarm clock had woken me up.

In fractions of a second, I was standing up, surprised that I was alive at all after whatever crazy thoughts lingered in my head about time / dimension travel and death/life.

It’s very rare for me to have such a vivid dream.

I felt cold, hot, and all other sorts of things that make a dream seem so real.

From before I went to bed, the only thing I can think of is that I had come across his name on Facebook.

Although he has been dead for months, he lives on in everyone’s memories, and on Facebook.

Technology is amazing.

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