Anniversary Dinner

Our 7 year anniversary was 10 days ago. They have been a packed 10 days and we gladly delayed celebrating our seven years to take care of things that were more important than just celebrating.

We had gone to a restaurant that we had visited in the past few months and had a wonderful meal.

The place was quiet enough to talk at a reasonable volume and not have to yell to communicate, but they weren’t so empty such that you could hear a pin needle drop.

Our server was very attentive to whatever it was we were needing and had made the night even that much more special.

We exchanged cards during our meal, smiled, and just enjoyed the evening as time seemed to stop long enough to let us catch our breath.

We were playing catch up by finally celebrating our anniversary and everything seemed to just line up so well in the evening.

I don’t think we could have planned a better evening on such short notice.

We started the evening by just going with the flow and the flow brought us a pleasant surprise.

We took our leftovers home and finished our evening at home.

It was wonderful.

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