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There are certain things I look forward to when traveling.

The new views, the new locations, meeting new people. New foods. More time to relax.

Then there are the things I cannot stand.

Overly impatient people. Selfish people. Large crowds. Standing in long lines.

I don’t mind certain scenarios when talking is a great way to pass the time, but there are times when I travel that I just have had enough.

There’s a point when traveling (usually the trip home) that I just tned to be done with traveling. If I could somehow click my heels three times and materialize back at home I would.

I try to be as patient as I can, but sometimes it’s all the impatient people around me that cannot wait an additional few minutes that really get to me.

The biggest culprits are those who immediately stand up when the plane lands despite every reminder before the plane lands and after that is made. I get the need to stand up and stretch, but that’s still something that could easily happen while in the air. (And it’s something that I will do from time to time on longer flights. I set a timer for 60 minutes and when it goes off I will go to the bathroom and stand in there for a few seconds and then walk back to my seat).

People are horrible under pressure. The pressure to get up, find your stuff in an overhead bin, wrangle it out as fast as possible potentially dropping things along the way, then trying to stabilize oneself in a narrow corridor. It fails nearly every time. There are very few people who use the overhead bins who do so in such an elegant fashion that they don’t disrupt the flow leaving the plane, but that they set the flow. These people typically have a background in the airline industry and are more than capable of managing their being and belongings when leaving the plane.

The closest I can get to ‘elegantly’ leaving the plane is having my carry on bag that was under the seat (a backpack that has all of the valuable things).

I know there are some people that absolutely do not want to check any bags. There are pros/cons to checking luggage, but overall, it’s generally safe and as long as you are smart about it, you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, when it comes to those of us who check bags, I do not understand the people who stand directly next to the conveyor belts. Unless you are going to start announcing names off of the luggages you are looking at, you should stand at a distance that lets anyone swoop in when they see their luggage and you should be on the lookout yourself for your own bags.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people crowd next to the baggage claim and just stand there. I generally try to keep a distance because the odds are against me that my bag is going to be there at the exact moment that I am.

Overall, I tend to try and have a plan and stick to it because it’s the one ‘calming’ agent that I get to look forward to when traveling.

I find that there are ‘normalizers’ that keep our emotions in check and for me when traveling home, it’s a solid plan on how to get home. Then once home, I can relax, and really unwind from any of the things that irk me along the way.

I am happy to be home, and enjoy the memories that we’ve made on our most recent trip.

Now to just unpack everything…

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