Bad Drivers

I had a few near collisions tonight due to a number of really bad drivers.

Changing Lanes at a stop light with two turn lanes and two direct lanes

There’s someone who realized after coming to a complete stop that they were in the wrong lane.

They actually were in the middle lane of the three direct lanes headed south and reversed about 15 car lengths so that they could get into the turn lane.

I could see this from a few blocks away and was wondering ‘What the hell is that person doing?!’

As I got closer, I was getting into the leftmost turn lane and the driver continued to reverse until finally moving forward into the 2nd left turn lane.

They continued to get into their lane and out of nowhere decided that they wanted to be in my line, jetting outward in front of me.

I honked my horn as they stopped, I drove around the portion of their car that was in my lane as did another drive before they finally got into the leftmost lane.

A Semi entering the highway at 35 MPH

As I was just getting over the first really bad driver of the night, I was waiting for the light to turn green so that I could get onto I-55 Northbound.

A semi had barely missed the yellow light as they got onto the onramp from the other direction when moments later our light had turned green.

The two turn lanes slowly merged as they got in line behind the semi who had a driver that insisted on driving 35MPH onto the interstate.

Mind you, I-55 at this portion is only three lanes wide and the onramp eventually joins the rightmost lane.

At around 9:00PM at night on a Saturday, the traffic is moving at around 65–70 MPH so we are all trying to get into the rightmost lane going half the speed of everyone else.

As a result of the truck driver, there were many other drivers that risked life and limb to leave the onramp sooner and attempt to join traffic.

The next moments are a bit of a blur because there was just so much going on and I eventually saw an opportunity to get around the semi going 35MPH and joined the rest of traffic moving at interstate speeds.


The Clover™ by LaGrange Rd and I-55

This clover is by far one of the most accident prone for reasons beyond me. Maybe I’ve gone on each of the portions of road so many times that it is muscle memory to me, but there are so many people who are in the exit lane to go onto I-55 N that mean to go on I-55 S, end up in the very small shoulder (can maybe fit a car max within the shaded region) and then attempt to join the many people who actually know what they are doing.

As if matters aren’t already bad, there are usually drivers leaving the interstate to get to LaGrange Rd North (see above).

This results in three cars competing for the space of a single car. Two car merges are simple matters, but three cars when one is obviously clueless about what’s going on and likely panicking, is a complete other (and on this particular night, there was a car entirely stopped on the overpass in the shoulder making it even less space than normal).

Motorcycles who like to cheat death.

I get how some people want cheap thrills, but what I don’t understand is why people are willing to put their lives on the line simply to maybe show up a minute or two earlier.

I have seen some very close calls and when I can feel a motorcycle driver flying past me in my small car, there’s a problem (especially when I’m already going the speed of traffic).

These all happened within two hours of each other and it makes me wonder what’s so unique about tonight that a bunch of people have basically put aside everything they knew about driving because they were lazy, not paying attention, or too much in a hurry to care about what’s going on around them.

There’s definitely a balance between obsessing about the driving of those around you and ignoring it, but it seems like there are more people outside of the balance than maintaining it.

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