Lately my bedtime has shifted from before midnight to nearly 2 or 3 AM in the morning.

This can be somewhat disastrous as it results in me waking up groggy at 7AM when I am normally awake, only to be so tired that I fall back asleep and wake up at 9AM or worse, even past 11AM.

In the past I’ve been able to simply force myself to stay awake and I would go throughout the day being very miserable.

Now I am just slightly miserable but still not quite 100%.

I mean well and there are some really valid reasons for me being up late, but it can have a chaotic effect that I need to be a bit more active in trying to prevent.

This week, each corrective effort was met with some additional item that still kept me up late.

I have discussed in the past about how it’s very easy to deviate from the good habits that we’ve formed and land into the chaos that is going with the flow.

The best path to move forward is to look at what brought us into the better habits and try to get back onto the right path even if it means doing the same things we’ve done before.

This isn’t guaranteed to work, but the likelihood is better and to some degree, the mantra ‘I can do this because I’ve done this before’ should be valid.

The thing about bad habits is that they are rarely sustainable.

My bad sleep habits have resulted in worser effects throughout the years and ‘I can do this because I’ve done this before’ does not apply to the things that take away from our lives.

The things we do either enrich or deteriorate our lives and we ultimately have the free will to decide the terms that make life worthwhile.

In my case, sleep enriches my life as does waking up earlier in the day.

If I get to bed late, I feel like a portion of life has passed me by that I won’t get back.

Maybe it’s a condition of social standards, but at any rate, I need to get back into going to bed at an hour that makes me feel better.

Now just to find that plan I’ve made before to get back into the right groove.