Catching Up On Sleep

Sleep is very important and throughout the past few months I’ve struggled to stick to a schedule, get enough sleep, and have experienced some of the first episodes of narcolepsy while in meetings.

This first week of the new year, I have tried my best to get on a better schedule, but I find myself wanting to catch a few extra Z’s when I wake up in the morning. On the surface, one might say I am being very lazy, on the other hand, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot more during the time I am awake.

I think I used to pride myself on how little sleep I got and how much I got accomplished in the late hours of the evening. This logic however begins to fall apart as mistakes get made, more time gets spent on fixing said mistakes, and then other things begin to fall behind because more time is spent making up for mistakes than I probably would have spent by just napping every day, or even, sleeping in a little extra.

I’ve slept in a few times in December and I think I’ve identified the waking thoughts that determine wether I can function at my best or if I need a little more sleep.

I know there are studies that have been done, some suggest taking a nap after waking up to be worse than just waking up and forcing oneself awake. For me, I’ve noticed if I force myself awake, I get around an hour of decent productivity followed by sluggishness and feeling tired.

The past few days, I have given myself time in the morning if I need it, and time in the afternoon for a quick 20 minute nap. Both have been very useful and have helped me tremendously (albeit at the expense of being called lazy, running a little late for things, or any other socially damning verbiage).

I think it’s a little funny that we often glorify when someone does anything to improve their health and well-being, but when it comes to sleep, sometimes the sleep deprived compare lack of hours slept as if to start a pissing contest, and those that take the time to ensure their body gets good rest, get called lazy or other terms. Sleep is an important part to everyone’s health and some of us probably need it a bit more than others.

For now, if I ever find myself questioning wether sleep would be beneficial, I’ll decide to sleep on it.