Digital Cleaning

I’ve spent more time recently cleaning up files, my desk space and even setting up an older computer so that I could use it for testing.

Of all the things I’ve cleaned lately, the act of cleaning up files doesn’t offer to me the same level of satisfaction that comes with cleaning one’s home.

I usually try to keep my files organized so that I can easily find things down the road, but there are many times my ‘Temp’ folder quickly exceeds the most relaxed definition of ‘temporary’.

There are three places that files usually end up with me, the Downloads folder which contains only files downloaded recently (it is frequently emptied}

Another folder called ‘Temp’ has files that I am not sure if I need to keep around, need to be filed away better or are simply trash.

This needs to be cleared out regularly, but I am sometimes forgetful and other times, just don’t have enough time to properly ‘file’ everything.

Lastly, I have a folder that contains items that I want to keep around for ‘digital forever’ and should be backed up regularly.

Sometimes it can be tedious to go through these, but overall, it can be very beneficial for my own sanity.

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