Headphone Jack News

Apple announced the iPhone 7 and the biggest takeaway in most people’s minds is the absent headphone jack.

There were obviously more newsworthy items about the latest iPhone, but this particular news item has had the most airtime.

The more surprising thing is that many people are upset at Apple for not including an adaptor. (This misinformation has spread like wildfire and is far from the truth). Apple is including an adaptor. The adaptor (dongle) lets you use any headphones with a standard headphone jack.

I’m on the fence wether this is really a major issue.

There seems to be many enhancements to the iPhone and then this one ‘con’ to take away from an otherwise great iteration in the line of devices.

Personally, I don’t feel like the headphone jack missing is a deal breaker.

There are bluetooth headphones, the battery life should be sufficient that if I desperately need to charge I probably have other problem areas of my life:

  • Excessively long phone calls that drain the battery
  • Forgetting to charge my phone at regular intervals as dictated by my use
  • Addicted to using my smartphone an unspeakable number of hours in the day.

Apple’s usage model might clash with any of these scenarios that would result in the battery draining faster than ideal / according to their models when making the decision. They could be completely incorrect in assuming that their users are only kinda addicted to their phones.

Whatever data is telling Apple that they made the right move, there will never be enough data points to convince everyone that Apple moved in everyone’s best interests.

‘Bluetooth is terrible for audio’

This sounds like a bluetooth problem more than a headphone jack solution.

From trying out a number of bluetooth peripherals, I know that no two are created equal and that quality takes on many different definitions and not just the audio quality of a conversation on a headset.

History will either defend Apple’s rationale or show us how wrong the world’s most recognized brand can be when making decisions.

Whatever the results, we are in for some interesting times.

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