How to Not Win

I tried my best and didn’t win any of the big cash prizes this time around, but I got some other nice prizes and learned a whole bunch of things that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise in such a short amount of time.

At first I was a little sad. I spent hours working on something and due to some technical mishaps, wasn’t fully judged like I was supposed to be.

I waited a bit too long for the 2nd round of judging to happen. We were instructed to wait at our tables and as the time passed by, I cranked away on other work to get a good start on the week. Finally, when it got closer to the end of the round of judging and nobody stopped by my table, I went in search of answers.

As it turns out, my project was never added to the right list for the 2nd round of judging.

The staff at the event apologized for the mishap and even offered a consolation prize, a nice pair of headphones.

Ultimately, I came for the experience, and the chance to win some money. As for the time spent on the app I made, I probably spent more time learning new things and gaining new perspectives than ‘work’ that I would normally charge a client for. In this perspective, I gained a lot and lost very little.

Also, I got to meet some really smart developers. One of the winners was also working on a solution for Alzheimer’s patients. They accomplished a lot in the time period and were all lazer focused on success. I’ll admit, I was a bit jealous because they had their shit together, presented well, and did something that I wanted to do (and couldn’t by myself yesterday).

I walked up to their team to talk to them about how great their project is and what I was working on. When I ran into them after they presented as a top 20 finalist, I again wished them luck and hoped they would win.

I took a break to write this post and every so often I have been checking twitter to see if they won, and am happy to report they won at least one of the large prizes.

Life throws us many unexpected things, it’s a really bumpy ride, but there is always a silver lining and even though the clouds may be rainy, the sun is always there, above the clouds, just as it always has been.

I definitely miss spending the first few days of the year with my husband and our dogs; however, I plan on making up for it and luckily there’s a whole year to do so. Now to come up with that plan …