Long term dependencies

One of my favorite Platform as a Service (PaaS) companies is shutting its doors and I feel all sorts of mixed feelings.

I started using their technology in December 2012. I quickly became enamored as they made the service better, faster, more reliable, and open up so many more opportunities with very minimal effort.

Since then, I have put in a fair amount of time telling others how great the service is and why they can trust it.

When they got bought by Facebook, I thought it would mean that the company would be around for the long haul.

Several of the apps that I work on include the Parse framework in some way/shape/form. Once Parse closes its doors for good, those apps will no longer work as well as any other app that doesn’t move their data elsewhere.

There’s some silver lining: Parse is releasing the source code and procedure to effectively replicate their services on your own backend hardware / cloud package of your choosing.

Part of what made Parse so amazing was not having to think about all these complex problems and focus on the app / experience you are building.

It’s very confusing to me as there’s been so many new things coming from the Parse team lately, they recently re-branded, and they put a lot of effort into improving their site.

I already have a lot on my plate, and now I need to find a new home to power Story.LGBT.

I put a lot of faith in a single company that had lots to offer and had no warning signs of disappearing.

At least they gave us a year to take action. I’ll take a year over no time at all.

Parse, you will be missed.

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