Maintaining focus

Today has been full of random things that set it apart from other days. Some of the things are good, and some are bad, but I’ve noticed that the bad things are the ones that weigh heavily on my mind hours after the fact and they are the things that are blocking me from moving forward and getting more things done.

I have had open for a few hours and each time I would start to write something and thought to myself. ‘Wow, that’s kinda negative, there are many counterpoints, who is this really benefiting? Do I just need to vent?’

Each time I would start over, and then look elsewhere for different inspiration.

Each time, I would gravitate towards one of the negative things that happened today.

I then did a few different things to try and focus on the good things.

After just a few minutes, I realized the strength I was giving to all of the negative things that have happened today.

It’s so easy to rationalize that we’ve hit some quota, or if one more bad thing happens, that will be the end of our sanity or ability to cope with negativity.

It’s really easy to let things add up and count the score in the game of life. It’s even easier to let the odds work against us and focus more on the score than the game.

There is a lot of time left to life (for the most part, if not directly, than through those that will out live us). We need to keep that in mind when we start keeping score at how unfair, cruel, or harsh life can be.

So long as we are alive, we are given the opportunity to try again. If there’s one thing that playing a lot of video games has taught me, it’s to not give up just because there’s a timer counting down and forcing me to decide if I quit or continue.

By default we continue, but by choice we get our head in the game and make the most of it.

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