My love/hate relationship with technology

Nearly every appliance that we own has had some sort of problem with it since purchasing it.

When we bought our appliances, we bought them based on the features, technology, and value. We got what we paid for and then some after years of using them.

The two biggest pain points are the appliances with moving internal parts:

  • The dishwasher
  • The clothing washer/dryer

Recently, our dishwasher has been giving us some problems and I had to enter a diagnostic mode just to get the lovely error code in the photo above.

This error code means nothing to me, and looking through various manuals, it looks like something will need to be replaced.

This dishwasher was the replacement to our first dishwasher. Our first dishwasher was installed in March 2010, broke in late 2014, and got replaced in January 2015 when the replacement part could not be procured.

This one is now outside of its warranty, and I am left with a few options:

  • Try replacing parts till it works again
  • Sell this one and buy another
  • Do nothing (I grew up without a dishwasher and am more than familiar with how to use soap, a sponge, and water to clean dishes.

I place a reasonable value on my time and I’m tempted to just replace it with a functioning unit but none of these options come with a guarantee that my Dishwasher Drama will ever go away.

I am fairly confident I am using the dishwasher correctly as I have had no issues with the many loads I’ve done since getting the dishwasher.

I am just very disappointed that such a large investment had such a short life.

Maybe we just use more dishes than the average couple household.

Beyond the dishwasher, our dryer has been a common pain. It seems to randomly decide how many minutes it will hold our clothing hostage for. It will say 30 minutes remain and when you check on it in 30 minutes, it will say 50 minutes.

The questionable time remaining is only a light problem when it comes to clothes getting caught on the lint trap.

The dryer was designed in such a way that lint tends to build up in a certain spot of the lint trap area.

I would start the dryer, and come back to the dryer ‘finished’ because it ran out of time or whatever. After opening the dryer, I would find clothing and other larger items caught by the corner of the lint trap causing all of the dryer contents to be collected around the caught article.

Left: Modified lint trap, Right: original

At some point, I called to complain and got sent a new lint trap.

As you can see in the photo, the lint trap now ‘features’ a notch where the lint builds up.

Problem solved!!

Not quite, This worked for a little bit, but now we are in the same situation a before and the notch does nothing to help. Since the lint buildup is still happening and was never addressed by the new lint trap, we now have a continuing problem.

As of now, I am on my second replacement lint trap due to the original replacement becoming damaged in the same way as the original.

When it comes to appliances, I wish there was a bigger effort into making an extremely reliable line of products rather than commoditized failures.

I’m upset that we spent the money we did on these appliances, and yet they have had the shortest lifespan of all of the things we have put our money towards.

Now is the time to figure out a plan to move forward. Dishes and laundry are a necessary evil in the day-to-day action items in my life.

This is a minor setback, and one that I fully intend on getting past.