I always find it interesting when people (myself included) feel the need to defend their actions. We do so as if the world could not possibly understand the rationale behind our own decisions. We try to augment our gut feelings with logic and reasoning to make someone else understand why we want something or why we work towards something else.

At the same time, we take for granted when we can wear our heart on our sleeve and be candid with those we feel really understand us.

Words become more valuable when there’s a sentiment that yearns to be described. The tricky part is that many of these sentiments are as old as we are and lack description because they are emotionally tied to us. Those gut feelings that we have known forever to represent some semblance of truth in our own little worlds.

Only we quickly find out, the real world is much more ignorant than we would like to admit.

Rationalizing with the real world in and of itself can be daunting.

The real world is sometimes not ready for new thinking.

Sometimes the world fears rationalization which requires a different level of understanding.

We are quick to judge because it allows us to continue a certain level of ignorance. Ignorance means time saved and time saved means more time to enjoy life.

We seek to be understood, but many times our rationale is insufficient for understanding.

However, despite the level of ignorance we keep, I think we as a large group of humans have come quite a ways where we spend time to embrace the different and take time to understand those things we do not fully understand.

The tricky part is that it takes a world to shift to such great levels of understanding.

The future is dependent on the world collectively coming together to rationalize the importance of world collaboration.

Only then will we need to be less defensive because there is not only nothing to hide, but because our rationalizations will be accepted at face value and not end up as part of the trash.

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