Running Around

I spent a good portion of the day driving throughout Chicagoland.

The best part was that I never really found myself in any sort of traffic.

It was mostly smooth sailing except for a few people that were not paying attention to the lights or the world around them.

There were a few times where an accident seemed almost imminent.

I had even driven enough that my car reported I had enough gas to go 10 miles before empty. (As a rule of thumb, I try to make a point to get gas whenever I have less than 100 miles till empty).

It was nice to just drive around and even more interesting to see certain roads under construction with no active construction as well as signs warning travelers of imminent closures and construction.

I cannot remember a single day where I have driven over 100 miles and did not have to slow down due to traffic or some other event. Today happened, and I drove over 100 miles and there was not a single mile that I was stuck driving even 10 miles under the speed limit.

It’s so rare and yet nothing in my mind sticks out about today that made today such a rare spectacle on the road.

I hope there are more days where I can drive for many miles and not have to deal with a single traffic jam.

For the Chicagoland area in early June, today was a complete gift and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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