Six Years of Home Ownership

An artistic view of the family room.

Six years ago, we bought a house. In those six years, we’ve made many memories, had some great times, and turned it into a home.

Our house is far from perfect, and when we bought it, we had many ambitions on how each room would be used. Family & friends helped in many different ways along the way and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Even after being here for six years, I feel like there’s always something that the house needs. Wether it’s a good cleaning, some repairs, a better way to organize space due to career or occupational changes.

It seems like the list of house items grows and grows. However, each item is an opportunity to turn the house more into a home and a comfortable space.

There’s something to be said about owning your own space, and it definitely comes at a price (and that price is different depending on where you decide to live), but there’s a certain comfortability in having a space that one can spend a good portion of time and feel relaxed and at ease with the world around them.

We have spent the past few years debating on wether we should move to a different place that makes more sense for us given all of the facets of our life that have come together over the years. We have decided that at some point we will be moving into a new place that we will refine into our own, but for the time being, this is home, and with all the trips, vacations, and obligations outside of the home, it’s great being able to be home and just spend all day relaxing inside.

I think it’s a very human trait to want to settle into a space and claim it as one’s own. I don’t know all of the psychology behind it, but I think everyone has a basic need of belonging and an external space to belong is a very comforting one. I think this trait also shows up and goes away based on several different factors and is something that’s different for everyone. I think it would be foolish to say ‘After six years of living in our own house, we highly recommend everyone get a house’ when it doesn’t take into account the individual details that make everyone’s life so drastically different.

Reflecting on our decisions over the past 6 years, we have made many great ones, a few not so great decisions, but overall, I think it’s safe to say we are happy with how far we’ve come and it will be interesting to see how each year transforms our needs and our home.

I hope everyone is able to find a comfortable space to belong.

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