I’ve recently been getting more sleep and I must say I have been enjoying the extra sleep, but I definitely feel like my productivity has taken a toll (of sorts).

When I was barely getting enough sleep (lucky to get 3-5 hours a night), I had periods of sluggish and hyper productivity. I feel like I generally was able to make up for being sluggish during the times when I got all the things done.

Now that I’ve been getting more sleep (not much more, but on average 6–7 hours) I feel like I’m more alert and that I get ‘enough’ done, but I don’t feel like I get a ton of things done and almost feel like I was more productive when I was lacking sleep.

It may also just be too soon to tell if there are other benefits that I’m just not considering. It may also be the case that I’m not yet getting enough sleep. I’ve been told 7–9 hours is recommended and I cannot remember the last time I have slept that many hours in a day and looking at the suggested sleep times across age groups, I’m probably a few years of sleep behind what is recommended.

I am going to try and continue getting enough sleep for the next few weeks and hopefully there are more benefits than simply not feeling as tired during certain hours.

I’ve been tempted to try different sleep patterns but there’s not really a good pattern that fits in with all of the other items I have going on.

We’ll see if things get better or stay the same, if they stay the same, then I really need to question wether it’s worth giving up hours of getting things done for hours of dreaming.

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