The Daily Flow

Despite the many chaotic things that happen in my life, I find that I crave something a bit more uniform. I look for the opportunities in my day to use repetition and order to build some structure that the chaos can live within.

There are some days where I feel like I ad-lib the entire day. I feel like the day is so unique, that it almost deserves its own title.

Then there are the majority of days that have the same sorts of events, just shifted based on some criteria. At any rate, they follow a flow, a simple set of decisions, but ultimately, similar enough that anyone could determine the pattern.

I very rarely have days that exist strict enough to a schedule that each minute is planned; however, there are some days where I crave this added structure.

The negatives of having no structure can sometimes outweigh the benefits.

I sometimes feel like I cannot fully start something or get deep into something because I am simply 5 minutes away from an interruption that will need to take priority.

If it isn’t that, then it might be some other chore, person, phone call, or responsibility that I see as calling my name.

On a good day, I can ignore these things and handle them during ‘break’ times when I simply cannot look at my computer screen any longer.

On a bad day, I process nearly every distractor as a means of ‘at some point, all the distractions will be taken care of and I won’t have any to worry about.’

The tricky part is that the list of distractions almost never truly disappears, it simply shrinks, goes queit for some time, and picks up wind when you least need it to.

I am usually pretty good at this, but there are some days where I slip up, and it can lead to slipping up for more than just a few minutes.

I think it’s a continuously under development understanding of how to manage distractions, effort, focus, and the many things that form the backgrounds of our day-to-day living.

I don’t think any one person will have an ‘Aha!’ moment where they can create a one size fits all approach to the day-to-day details of managing one’s life, but I feel like the least one person can do is learn something to try, learn something to avoid, and take away something more than the nothing that existed before the exchange of knowledge.

I try to portion my day into 25 minutes of focus where I ignore distractions.

It works well, and gets me into a groove, but it’s a groove that is easy to get out of and the transitions can be a bit frustrating.

There’s always time to do more and always time to optimize, but the only way to fully optimize your day is to find the right flow that works and look at each day at a deeper level than ever thought before.