The Satisfaction of Cleaning

It’s getting to be that time of the month again when I feel not just the need to clean, but the inner voices that are probably driven or at the very least influenced by my Grandma begin to surface. The last time I talked about cleaning was February 27th which is not exactly a month ago, but I feel the need to clean a bit more and it’s the perfect time to do a spring cleaning.

I think there’s some powerful reasons that cleaning is so satisfying.

Life is busy

Life is constantly moving forward and we all need breaks of all different durations and variations of being alone / with others. Sometimes our down time actually causes more work in the long run, or puts us further behind as a result of throwing caution to the wind.

Whatever the reasons, life gets busy and it’s hard to do daily maintenance on the things that end up being the backdrops of our busy lives. As each day demands more, we spend less time on the things that we think are priorities, but they somehow matter less than the things that keep us busy.

Reminders of what we have

Sometimes we get the friendly reminder that the panini maker wasn’t the best purchasing decision, or that we bought a bulk set of cables that we never needed. We might even find a personal letter, photos, postcards, or other photos that remind us of family and friends. At the worst, we are reminded of our debts, maybe unpaid bills, or other notices for other things that were not as important as the busy parts of our lives.

Whatever we are reminded of, the past and present come together when we clean and it can be revealing, heartwarming, or even remind us of where we are headed.


I am sure most people clean and grow a wild hair that says ‘Hey, let’s put a shelf here, then we can put bins and hide x/y/z and then …’ Effectively, we find new ways of storing the things we already have, or new systems and methods to try and get ahead of ourselves so that when we are busy, we can still find the time because cleaning isn’t a chore, but a transient action sidelining the important day-to-day minutia.

We might even be inspired to start old goals, or hobbies, maybe we are even inspired to use that panini maker to make it ‘worth’ owning.

There are many things that come to mind when cleaning, but there’s a lot going on mentally as well.

For these reasons, I usually enjoy cleaning. The parts I don’t like are the laborious scrubbing, vapors that are intoxicating, and all the other dirty, busy, tiring tasks. These are the necessary actions to produce the best results and are in and of themselves, inspiration to remind us daily of the importance of cleaning despite our massively busy lives.

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