Thoughts On Fear, Anger, and Choices

The attack that happened in Brussels is nothing but awful. People’s lives are forever affected and only for the worst.

The proper response the world needs to have is one of sorrow and being there for those who are affected.

The individuals who carried out the attack have no fear of any consequences of this world. They want to see this world burn. For whatever reason or unfortunate events that drive them, they want to see it burn. They do not do it for religious reasons, personal gain, or any other reason than to watch the world burn.

They pride themselves as catalysts for destruction and whether they claim a religious cause or whatever rationale; they want the world to end. They want to be the straw that breaks the camels back, and they want to do it with whatever they can get access to.

These are individuals that have given up on society. They have concluded that God doesn’t exist, that politicians are corrupt, that governments have too much power, that businesses have destroyed the world, and that deep down, everyone has a violent animal that wants to attack every form of prey in its path.

We affirm their beliefs whenever our response is to fight fire with fire. We give them even more reason to attack. We ignite their passions and re-affirm that the world is no better than they are.

It’s tragic whenever someone’s life ends because of someone who has no value of life. Whether the person is killed, tortured, or survives, they are ahead. They killed someone who is innocent because they want to make the world burn.

Humanity as it is today is sadly very fragile and evil. We want to kill because someone else is killed. We become no better than they are. We try to justify our killings because it’s an eye for an eye, or as many would rather have it, a village for an eye.

When we cater to the animal inside that is driven by fear, that is solely concerned with what might be ‘justice’ for few by punishing as many as it takes, humanity as a whole loses.

As humans, we have evolved past our animal behaviors and should be able to recognize the humanity at hand.

There is no action that will give life to those whose life was taken too soon.

Fighting only adds fire onto an already dangerous global wildfire.

We need to focus on rebuilding the world as fast as we can.

If you force yourself to bleed more because you are already bleeding, you will die. We are losing blood at an alarming rate and we need to heal. Love, compassion, empathy, and support are means of healing.

My heart goes out to those affected and nothing I can do or say will ever replace the losses that were witnessed. Neither will killing anyone responsible.

Whoever is responsible should be humanely sought after as they are a threat to the world and themselves. They lack an understanding of the value of life.

They fail to understand that they are diminishing the value of their own lives.

They fail to understand their role in humanity. They fail to see how they are of the same body as everyone else and that their actions are self-inflicted wounds.

They are not idiots and move with conviction that they are doing the right thing. Their motives are focused and devoid of the humanity they cannot separate themselves from. They are someone’s child. Their parent’s and family at some point had feelings for them and their families may have failed them.

Society has already failed them.

We need to change our tactics and it’s going to take more than a simple Medium post to explain what we should be doing.

Frankly, I do not know, but I do know that propagating pain and suffering are not the way for humanity to heal and move forward.

We collectively can make a choice to act on the best forms of our own humanity and calm the beast inside that acts on anger. It’s not easy, but it’s the only way to one-day work towards a world that isn’t driven by fear.

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