Thoughts On Privilege

I’ve seen numerous posts online regarding how people are upset at the number of people on public aid and how these people are drains on society because they contribute nothing and take everything.

These statements make a number of assumptions (and there are a few I’m going to make about the people that say them) but generally, the people that ‘take advantage of the system’ are at a huge risk of losing it all due to exposure, budget cuts, legislation changes, etc. They are at the mercy of whatever the ‘system’ is. They didn’t beat it, they are merely playing by the rules and some people see this as being lazy or ‘wrong’.

I think it’s more ‘wrong’ to judge someone because they ‘have it figured out’. These people are taking in some sum of money and then what are they going to do with it? Chances are they are going to spend it, so the money that they take goes back into the economy. Maybe you feel that they are not living within their means, but that is not really for you to judge.

I’m sure that there are underhanded people that abuse the system that is meant to help those in need. I am not saying that these people should be ignored, but I think they get a fair amount of undue judgement when the anger should be directed at those mis-managing welfare programs.

Hopefully you have a stable job, are able to make ends meet, and do everything you want to or be able to plan for anything you want and at the end find some happiness in this life. Wasting time to judge others because they didn’t go through your same struggles is just wasted time getting angry because you are privileged to look down on someone whose life decisions and history are assumed to all be ‘wrong’.

I think that anyone that feels the need to judge someone else negatively should really look at why they are getting so upset. Is it because there’s a privilege associated with having a car, a smartphone, medicine, junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, a flat screen tv, video games? If you argue that there is, and that you paid a price for these privileges, at what point is any one to say that someone ‘cheated’ because their privilege was not as well earned as their own?

This is the privilege that those who have worked hard for something feel that is their own ‘bought’ privelege. They work for pay, but they really enjoy the privilege to judge others that comes with that paycheck.

Every privilege has a cost that we don’t fully admit to paying. Some are cheaper than others, but at the end of the day, is it really worth putting someone else down just because we feel ‘privileged’ to do so?

Instead, I think people should be building themselves up. Instead of judging someone who has to resort to welfare to buy something, feel good about yourself that you worked hard for what you have. Take the source of someone’s spending money and ignore it and just bask in the value that you create by the things that you can afford.

There’s enough in this world to go around and the last thing we need is people angry because of the privilege they don’t fully undersand.