Increasingly I’ve found myself shying away from the hero/villain archetypes because they paint a…
David Ly

You hit the nail on the head when it comes to how any situation like this should be handled.

It’s interesting you mention your take on the scenario and I purposely polarized the extremes that it seems like people mostly understand. Like many things that we try to paint black and white / binary (take for instance, gender, sexual orientation, political views, etc) the reality is that there are many shades of grey between everything.

I think it helps us to understand ourselves by being able to get a better understanding of any extremes to see where we truly stand. Specific situations and choices will ultimately guide us towards our true comfort zone but in the outside world, we polarize things because it’s usually easier and it sells well when building a case / team / whatever:

‘Buy our product, you will be beautiful’ … well, beauty comes in many forms, and what is usually presented is a very extreme definition of beauty that we all know is not feasible for everyone.

The world we live in has many colors & shades but the world we painted in our mind is highly contrasted with the bias built by our upbringing and privileges.

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