Bring the gossip down!

Gossip is a serious matter! Through out the ages the human race has some very limited tools to spread news around. any specie which wanna survive needs to share information in a way. In the absence of writing tools and according to the dominance of spoken language, one of the main tools to inform society members was Gossip! it has been with us such a long time it seems to curved into our strings!

“did you hear about that plant? they say it’s going to cure cancer but pharmacological companies don’t want us to know!”

some believes may be gossip was useful before when the communication was so limited and the need to spread information was crucial but nowadays we have such a powerful capabilities for communication that we do not need gossip anymore. Gossip evolved to become a powerful tool but it has a very low accuracy.

Gossip is useful but not for you and me

It’s not a bad idea to run away when you see bunch of people are running away to a direction(!) but it has absolutely no sense to follow the orders of Gossipians!

“Do not drink in the middle of meal” “Do go to gym everyday” “Don’t drink water when you run, drink run-drink!” — What!!?

Advertisement agencies are aware of the power of gossip so they perform their adds in a similar way. they just repeat and repeat something — a phrase maybe — till you accept it and not just them but take a look at politicians. the basic principle here is “Accept what everyone accept as the right thing” in a nutshell is to turn off your critical mind and let the uncertain, wrong sometimes ridicules sentences makes your mind! No way i will not do that.

Critical thinking

The only way i know to get rid of these false information is to look critical to the world and any data and bit of information we receive from it. if your mom text you about Aspirin with a handful of magical effects of it on brain do not accept this as a fact! in fact i myself almost always doubt about any Magical unknown mystery which can cure evil and help us all go to heaven!

thinking critically might not be easy in philosophical scenarios but in everyday life it’s really really easy.

  1. I receive some information from a source.
  2. Is the information logical based on my previews knowledge of the case? AND is the source reliable?
  3. If the source is unknown it might be a good idea to google it’s name maybe!? The “healthy mothers with dragon blood in green leaves heaven” is not a “reliable” source for pregnancy information. right?
  4. Anything magical goes to rubbish except for Quantum Computing.
  5. Could dead rich powerful people be alive if it was real? can weed cure cancer? Then why so many powerful people dies of it? if they don’t want us to know, well then they must be aware of the fact themselves and save their lives with it.
  6. Use Scientific method in exploring into new things. well maybe not for celebrities love life.

Last but not least

There are some people think Gossip is not an important issue, anyway we all have much more important things to worry about. Yes it is true that there are many many other more important matters in the world (climate change for example) but the very fabric of gossip is to ignore evidence and accept something based on nothing as a fact and this might be one of the biggest problems of our world now.

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