Who Wouldn’t Want to be Like Michael Jordan?

If you are listening upon a group of boys at a lunch table or basketball court the chances our high you will hear the name Michael Jordan. Considered the most recognized athlete in sports, Michael Jordan has appeared in a countless number of advertisements from Hanes underwear to Coca-Cola beverages. While being in hundreds of advertisements, none have more clearly explained the need to achieve appeal like Gatorade did in their “Be Like Mike” ad.

In this Gatorade ad, the need to achieve appeal is used in two separate ways. The first way is through the want to be successful and the want to accomplish something difficult. The ad does not directly show a want to be successful, but because this ad is directed more towards athletes, Gatorade implied that the viewer of the ad knew Michael Jordan and were aware of his accomplishments. When they say “Be Like Mike” they are not necessarily saying win six NBA championships and be a five-time NBA MVP, but are saying be successful in what you do and accomplish something great by drinking Gatorade. The second and final way Gatorade uses the need to achieve appeal in their ad is by associating it with winning. Similar to the first way the need to achieve appeal is shown, the second way also requires a basic knowledge of the man in the ad (Michael Jordan). The commercial/ad debuted in 1992, directly after Michael Jordan won his second consecutive NBA title. Gatorade utilizes Jordan’s winning by implying through their ad that if you drink Gatorade you will have an edge like Michael Jordan that will make you win.

This particular ad is focuses on being successful and accomplishing something great, so why not try a Gatorade and be great like Mike?

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