How I accidentally read 75 books last year: part 2
Brad Henderson

I love to read and I read a lot. I have no desire to quantify my reading; I read for pleasure and I read when I can (frequently when I should be doing something else, like housework or balancing my checkbook.) I stopped purchasing books years ago, mostly because I ran out of shelf space but mostly because I realized that, once read, the emotional attachment to its physical presence doesn’t outweigh the impracticality of saving it for 40 years. There are so many books that I still haven’t read that the idea that I’ll go back and reread books from my youth is less and less appealing. (Same with buying movies, since there are so few movies I really need to watch twice.) Anyway, my point it, “Thank God for my local library!”

Oh, and listening to an audio book does NOT give you the right to say, “Oh, yeah, I read that book.” It’s a totally different experience and much less substantial.

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