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Time to de-crap: day zero

Like most people, it’s time to purge. Digital. Analog.Metaphorical. Everything must go. Here is my journey.

With a baby on the way and nearly here, our house is filling almost daily with new objects–clothes, toys, supplies and more. We’re already out of room and the child has yet to arrive.

My home office is now overrun with stored items after clearing out the baby’s room. My three hard drives are full, as well (two inside my MacBook Pro + 2TB USB back-up), as I keep everything I work on. Only my Dropbox acct seems to have room to spare.

My gut is growing, not shrinking. Too many days not training (working plus baby prep)… and I have my second Ironman Triathlon coming up (as in 140.6 miles… in less than a day). No pressure, right?

And my garage… well, let’s just say 1/2 is more full than I prefer.

In four days I turn 35. In three weeks or less, our first child finally arrives. Things must go. Tasks lists reduced. Belongings reduced. Clutter eliminated.

I’ll plan to use this space to track my progress– apps I adopt, work flows I discard, methods I use to purge the clutter–digital or otherwise.

I have 4.5 months until Ironman Arizona and a life to get in better order, with less commitments, clutter, and stress (as possible). Let’s see what magic we can make happen in a very short time this summer. Stay tuned.